Top 15+1 Anime With Genius Main Known Character

top 15 smartest anime characters

We are pleased to present this new article that outlines the top anime in which characters are brilliantly intelligent, thoughtful and clever and says that anime is just for kids or BAKA!

Here is the evidence that there are brilliant fictional anime characters that can help us understand the meaning of being a genius and intelligent.


15. Oregairu

Hachiman Hikigaya

Are you a fan of Badass Genius and Cold anime characters? Well, Hachiman Hikigaya is the perfect example. He’s an indifferent high schooler with Narcissistic and semi-nihilistic tendencies. He believes in the joy of youth, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to them.

In an unusual punishment, Hachiman’s teacher compels Hachiman to join his Volunteer Service Club. It is a club that assists students seeking help in reaching their goals. The only other club member is the gorgeous Ice Queen Yukino Yukinoshita.

Hachiman is in the middle of the problems of others — a place He never thought he’d be. Hachiman and Yukino make use of their skills to tackle a lot of students’ issues. What happens when Hachiman’s negative perspective on society is a deterrent or an advantage he could use to benefit himself?


14. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Drama Dark Anime with a genius Main character also features other clever characters. It’s a fantastic work of art built upon the strength of mind. It reminds us of the popular television series “Prison Break”, but this Japanese manga and anime series is set in an area of forest that has a large gate “, the Grace Field House” orphans who live together as a unit, including “Mama”.

While they must undergo tests every day, children are allowed to enjoy their time as they please. Orphans can play outside, so they don’t wander too far away from the orphanage. They must adhere to the rules, no matter what. But all good times should end as, every few months, a child gets adopted by a new family. They will never hear from you.

But, the three older siblings have suspicions about what’s happening in the orphanage. The three siblings are set to discover the terrible destiny that awaits those residing in Grace Field, including the bizarre nature of their mother.


13. Monster

Kenzou Tenma

Here’s an older Japanese manga and anime show that has been animated by renowned production company ” MadHouse” This series is among the most famous psychological animes featuring a brilliant main character and intelligent antagonist.

As a surgeon prepares to perform a procedure, an event could alter The doctor. Kenzou Tenma’s life forever The hospital’s director instructs him to switch patients to perform lifesaving surgical procedures on the brain of a well-known actor.

His colleagues in the medical field, his girlfriend, and the hospital director congratulated him on his achievement; however, due to the actions he took, the poor immigrant died, which caused the doctor. Tenma to have a moral crisis.

A similar incident occurs later the Dr Tenma chooses to save the life of a little child Johan Liebert instead of the town’s mayor. Additionally, nine years later, Dr Tenma saves the life of a criminal. However, his past returns to be a source of pain for him. Since, yet again, he is confronted by the same monster he worked with. He is now on a journey of search to pay back the devastation caused by the beast he saved.


12. Log Horizon


In the story of this isekai anime, a young Shiroe discovers himself in the world of the game known as Elder Tale. There are thousands of other players with him. However, unlike them, Shiroe is a veteran in this particular game.


11. Terror In Resonance

Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki

Two teenagers are found participating in terror-related actions, but their motives aren’t clear. One year later, they uploaded a video to the internet, threatening the police.

At this point, Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki is roped in to join the special task force whose sole mission is to bring criminals into court. The more involved Shibazaki becomes in the investigation, the more sceptical his feelings are in his belief of the two suspects as terrorists.


10. No Game No Life – Sora & Shiro

Sora And Shiro

No Game No Life follows the NEET brothers-sister duo of Sora And Shiro, who is wildly popular within the gaming community because of their fantastic gaming abilities. They are known as invincible, and after being awed by their skills, the god of another realm invites them to his world, Disboard.

When they enter the world of Sora and Shiro, Sora & Shiro realize that this is a real-life gaming environment where theft and war, as well as killing, are not permitted in all matters and conflicts are solved by playing high-stakes games. This new and strange world offers an opportunity to rethink their purpose in life: to defeat anyone who crosses their path and to become the new Gods of the world!


9. Hyouka – Hotarou Oreki

Hotarou Oreki

High school student Hotarou Oreki got a powerful brain. However, he doesn’t like the use of it. All he wants is a peaceful life, making the most energy possible, which means avoiding the issues that don’t bother him. But, his tranquil life is cut short when he encounters the curious and persistent Eru Chitanda.

She asks him to be a part of her Classics Club and help solve mysteries. He’s not keen on it, but he’s unable to resist turning her down either. Motivated by Chitanda’s unstoppable fascination, Hotarou uses the natural abilities he’s been hiding and solves the nebulous but fascinating mysteries that pervade his everyday life.


8. Moriarty the Patriot – Sherlock Holmes

Moriarty the Patriot - Sherlock Holmes

Moriarty The Patriot is a manga mystery story written and illustrated by Takeuchi and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi. The manga is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes series and received an adaptation in anime by Production I.G. The show tells the tale of Sherlock Holmes from the antagonist’s perspective.

The anime featuring a genius main character takes place in the latter part of the 19th century. It tells the story of an ordinary nobleman, William James Moriarty. With his brothers by his side of him, he strives to completely overthrow the oppressive society that rules British culture, even if that involves sacrificing his life in the process.


7. Classroom Of The Elite – Ayanokouji Kiyotaka

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka

The story follows the lives of the highly regarded Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High Schools students, who enjoy extraordinary freedom, but only if they can earn, trade or earn enough points to advance in the ranks! Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, an average student in class D, doesn’t pay enough attention to his life at school.

However, beneath his calm and serene personality is an impressive set of people-reading skills and a sharp analytical mind. Ayanokouji is the type of person who will deliberately earn an average mark to make people notice his other work if to top the entire school. Although he is awkward in social settings, he’s undoubtedly among the most innovative animated characters.


6. Irregular At Magic High School – Tatsuya Shiba

Tatsuya Shiba

The tale of Irregular in Magic Highschool is inspired by a web-based novel set in an alternate time where magic is refined through technology. Tatsuya Shiba is a pupil of First High School as a Weed. Because Tatsuya fails his entrance test, He is found incompetent and placed into the “Second Class”.

Others think he is weak, but the truth is revealed after determining Tatsuya insanely robust. In reality, he was born as a specialist magician who excels at techniques like Decomposition, Regrowth, and Elemental Sight. He is an exceptional magician that outdoes all others. He is also a master at ninjutsu as well as specializes in assassinations and combat.


5. Detective Conan – Shinichi Kudou

Shinichi Kudou

Detective Conan, also called Case Closed in the English version, is among the most well-known 90s-era anime featuring a genius main character known for its method of brainstorming to solve cases. It was developed by a student at high school, Shinichi Kudou. He is a great detective who uses his intelligence to solve any challenging issue he is faced with.

One day, Shinichi is a part of a drug gang that has him injected with an unidentified substance. The next day, he awakes as a 7-year-old! To track down the perpetrators for him, he puts on a new identity that is Conan Edogawa – and covertly can solve the most important mystery of his life.


4. Steins Gate – Rintaro Okabe

Rintaro Okabe

Steins Gate is one of the most well-known science and fiction animations based on the single theme of time manipulation. The complex story timeline plunges viewers into a realm full of shock and confusion and isn’t everyone’s favourite. The main character, Rintaro Okabe, and his companions are all amateur scientists who create whatever ideas come to mind in their spare time.

A few days later, they built an instrument known as The Phone Microwave that sends emails to the past. The result is a change in the past and the present, which they do not anticipate. Thanks to this new knowledge, they attempt to bring back dead neuroscientist Kurisu Makise. They do this by changing the timeline, which will be able to take every brain cell from Rintaro’s mind.


3. Death Note – Light Yagami

Light Yagami

It is a must-watch. Death Note is a top-of-the-line Dark Fantasy anime show produced by the team of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. There isn’t much anime featuring an intelligent main character. However, Death Note is the most loved among them all. The story follows the intriguing story of a high-school pupil Light Yagami who gets his hands on a notebook which gives him the power to take down any.

Beware of the awe-inspiring power of god in his possession, Light – under the shinigami “Kira” pursues his conviction of the justice, with the ultimate goal of ridding the world of evil-doers. To carry out his master plan without getting captured by the brilliant police detective L, Light uses every bit of his imagination and brainpower to surprise anyone.

2. Dr. Stone – Senku Ishigami

Dr stone, plot and cast

A mysterious event can cause the entire planet to be sealed in stone for hundreds of years. Instead of a wailing teenager, science genius Senku Ishigami begins reinventing as many scientific breakthroughs as possible to revive humanity. He is widely regarded as an expert in science and like a walking dictionary.

Whatever the scenario is, he’ll emerge as the winner from the situation. Restarting his life from a world that had been turned into the stone age and making statues human again isn’t just a joke. However, with his brain, Senku created the possibility. He’s not physically that powerful, but he’s a genius on the mental level.

1. Code Geass – Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge

Code Geass is the story of high school student Lelouch Lamperouge who discovers that he has the supernatural power of “Geass”. In a state of obsession with the idea of redefining this Royal Empire of Britannia, Lelouch vows to liberate Japan and to create a brand new world that is more beneficial for all.

With high-powered mechs, his mind-control Geass power, and his own ability to think, Lelouch does whatever it is necessary to defeat his enemies. But, it takes a while for Lelouch’s moral compass to change. Lelouch’s pursuit of absolute power makes his sister a victim of collateral injury. This is not enough to make him an intriguing character, but also one of the most compelling villains to be a part of.


Our Bonus Most Intelligent Character

Doraemon anime


1. Doraemon From Doraemon

The cat is a massive robot that is from the future. What else can you want? We think everyone must have a dream to have some of Doraemon’s gadgets, right?

As a robotic, Doraemon has a wealth of data in that massive head of a cat. Human children, too, have a fantastic imagination and creative thinking. Like Dekisugi, who gets 100% on each exam. I’m sure he’s in primary school, but that’s remarkable!

Suppose you’ve never heard of the anime before; you should give it a shot. Who hasn’t had a taste of Doraemon?

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