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tokyo revengers season 2


What is the story of the Tokyo revengers?

Tokyo revengers is a high school-based action and supernatural anime in which the gang culture of japan is showed. In this anime, the protagonist is a 26-year boy named Takemichi Hanagaki who has nothing achieved in his life and lives a very miserable life where everyone threatens him and takes advantage of him. He also lost his girlfriend because of his unsuccessfulness. He is just a cry baby nothing else.

But his life changed when he got to know that his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her brothers is killed by the Tokyo manji gang. This is the same gang that Takemichi Hanagaki is part of in the past but did not make a name because of the cry baby nature of himself.  Then one day he is going to his work on the train but somebody pushed him in front of the train and he died. Somehow he transferred into 12 years in the past and he got a chance to save his girlfriend and her brother.

When he met her brother Naoto then he said him to protect her sister at all costs in the future, Takemichi also befriended Mikey who is the head of the toman gang. Mikey’s actions may lead toman to a deadly Tokyo manji gang in the future so Takemichi joined toman‘s gang and try to know the reason why toman converts into a deadly biker’s gang in the future. 


Is Tokyo revengers based on a true story?

As we all know that in japan gangs are very active and they do all the bad things showed in the Tokyo revengers so this is obvious you think that Tokyo revengers is based on a real story with a little science fiction touch.

But don’t be upset by getting to know that Tokyo revengers is not based on a real story. As all of us mostly boys are very connected to this series because all of us have seen such gangs and fights in school or in college where tho gangs of boys fight with each other over nothing much.

After in the life, these boys because don or mafia in real life so it’s normal for you to think that this story is based on a true-life incident. 


Who is the main character in the Tokyo revengers?

Takemichi is the main protagonist in the series but there are a lot of second main characters in the series. Mikey the founder of the Tokyo manji gang is also the main character but the story mainly revolves around takecmichi how he will save his girlfriends in the future and how will he get stronger in his life, will he became a top commander in the toman? 

All these answers are waiting till the second season of Tokyo revengers is released. So read down to know when the second season of the series will be released. It is all decided by the writer and illustrated Ken Wakui


When will the second season of Tokyo revengers will be released?

The first episode of the anime series premiered on April 11, 2021, and aired for 24 episodes before finally concluding on September 19, 2021.

However, without a official update, we can’t verify the claims. the assembly work of the primary season was completed by May 2021, so Liden Films Studios is predicted to reveal the discharge date of the newest installment before later. according to the revealed information, we estimate ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 to premiere sometime in Summer 2022.

In season 2, we will get to know that Takemichi only blacked out due to his injuries in the last episode and is totally safe.Luckily, Kazutora involves rescue him just in time and helps the protagonist before things fail.

The viewers also will study the shocking betrayal by Mikey, who has been secretly removing Toman members influenced by the Black Dragons’ money. to form matters worse, Hinata remains not alive within the future, meaning Takemichi possesses tons of things to repair within the upcoming installment.

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