To Your Eternity Season 2: Release Date And Storyline

to your eternity season 2

One news that make one happy in this era is none other than releasing of their favourite anime. Fans get happy when they hear news of release of their favourite anime’s new season. In this blog we will be going to discuss about the winter 2021 anime To Your Eternity season 2. It is confirmed by officials that the second season of To Your Eternity will be going to release in fall in October 2022.

We see different types of animes in anime world. As different people have different taste, some prefer action, thrill and suspense while other prefer watching an anime that has emotionally deep and serious story. And To Your Eternity is one of those animes which is considered as an emotional and heart touching anime that arises many worldly questions through the story.

If you love to watch a emotional and serious anime then To Your Eternity 2 is a must watched anime for you. It is based on the manga of the same name which is illustrated and written by Yoshitoki Ōima. The first season of To your Eternity is released in April and is created by Brian’s Base.


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What Is The Story Of To Your Eternity?

The story of To Your Eternity follows an immortal creature sent to earth to experience the life of an human. The immortal creature’s name in the story is ‘It’ but it later adapts the name fushi. Fushi has a power that he can adapt any shape as per his will starting from rock, then moss, and then a white wolf . The story starts when Fushi encounters the first human in the form of an lonely boy. 

In the story later the boy dies due to a severe disease and exhaustion and later fushi decides to takes his form and fulfil the boy’s dream to experience the world and meet different people. The first season of To Your Eternity is said to be successful season and the news of the release of it’s second season is quickly announced after the end of it’s first season. 


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When And Where Will To Your Eternity Season 2 Release?

The release date of The Fumetsu no Anata e Season 2 was announced by NHK on August 30, 2021 shortly after releasing the last episode of season 1. Fans of To Your Eternity season 2 can expect the episode 1 either on Monday, October 3rd or Monday, October 10th.

It is said that just like the season 1, season 2 of To Your eternity will also be release on Crunchyroll. All episodes of season 1 of To Your eternity has been released by crunchyroll on weekly basis as released in Japanese TV.

How Many Episodes Will There Be In To Your Eternity Season 2?

According to the NHK website, the second season will have 20 episodes in total. Because of the story pacing of the manga series, it was predicted that the second season would also have two course. 

Season 1 of To Your Eternity has adapted upto Volume 6 chapter 54 of Yoshito Oima’s original manga series according to Anime Greek. However, we have a data that states that a total of 16 Volumes across 154 chapters have been published in Manga in Japan which defines that there is enough source material in manga series is left for another few seasons. According to sources, the second season will follow the Guardians Arc of the manga, which covers chapters 55 to 62.


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What Will Be To Your Eternity Season 2 About?

Follow up bt the season 1, the story of season 2 of To Your Eternity will follow up the journey of fushi as he explores and learn more about the world. We have seen in the end of season 1 that fushi decided to go into many years of isolation due to the death of Pioran’s death. After sometimes when he finally comes to civilization he saw that a lot of things have changed.

In second season, fushi will explore the different and new world. This new world will also tests his ability to adapt in new changes. Like the storyline of season 1, season 2 will also have an emotional storyline along with complex and unique characters. If you want to know what will happen in the second season of To Yor Eternity, then you can simply check the manga now as it hs the further storyline of the series. 

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