Spy x Family: Anime Adaptation Release Date April 2022 Confirmed

spy x family

The most interesting part of anime news is hearing about the news of our favourite anime’s upcoming season release date. And through this blog, we are going to give you that sort of happiness about the “Spy x Family” anime adaptation. The Spy x Family is now officially going to be adapted as an anime series. Its release date will fall sometime in April 2022. 

It is believed that the anime will be released in basically two parts or we can say in two courses through Japanese broadcaster Tokyo TV. And additional information is also provided by Famitsu through a new teaser featuring voices of each character including Anya and Yor’s.  Spy X Family anime is said to reveal an interesting twist to the shonen genre. 

The two organizations reported the news at the current year’s Jump Festa 22. Atsumi Tanezaki, who plays Emporio in the most recent period of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, will play Anya.

Saori Hayami, who voices Ayaka Kamisato in Genshin Impact and Shinobu Kocho in Demon Slayer, will play Yor Forger. Both voice entertainers additionally show up in different other anime and computer games, from Fire Emblem Heroes to Fate/Grand Order.

The new mystery trailer highlights voiceovers from Loid, Yor, and Anya, with a short presentation for each person. Prominently, the secret trailer includes new scenes and exchanges. Be that as it may, the authority video doesn’t include English inscriptions.

spy x family


Spy X Family: Story, Cast And Plot

Spy x Family is basically an action-comedy manga composed and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, right now serialized in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+.

The series follows Loid Forger, a covert agent or we can say a spy who’s committed his life to secret missions for the Westalia Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division (W.I.S.E.).

In spite of his incalculable hours working in the spy world, he’s shocked when he is appointed to Operation Strix. The highly confidential mission errands him to track down a spouse and a child in seven days to invade a get-together involving government officials and business pioneers at a renowned school.

At work, he tracks down the ideal family in Yor Briar, an office worker, and Anya, a wicked vagrant. However they seem like basic increments to Loid’s family, Yor is really a professional killer while Anya has the mystery power of telepathy.

spy x family

Where To Watch Anime Spy X Family?

After the announcement of any anime, fans will get curious to know about where they can be able to watch their favourite anime. So while talking about the Spy X family, we have information that Crunchyroll is going to broadcast the anime worldwide. So it is only a matter of time, and we will soon be able to watch one of our favourite anime, the Spy X family. 

And for the fans who enjoy reading manga, we also have fabulous news for you that the manga for this anime series the Spy X family is now easily available on viz media. 

Spy X Family: Teaser Here 

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