Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 And Season 3 Latest Updates

Rising of the shield hero season 2

Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 2 All we know

Rising of the shield hero season 2


Rising of the shield hero is a Japanese dark fantasy anime. It,s first season was announced and premiered in 2019 in which we got a total of 25 episodes got the limelight of a number of people. This fabulous anime take place in many people’s heart because of its action and the best adventurous storyline. After the completion of the first season, Fans are extremely and eagerly waiting for the second season and hence looking at what fans want, In Kadokawa Light Novel Expo, the second season of the rising of the shield hero was announced in 2020. It is announced to be premiere in October 2021 but due to some uncertain circumstances, the scheduled date was delayed. Later it was announced that the release of the second season of the rising of the shield hero will be postponed till April 2022. This is very heart-wrenching news for the fans.

About the delay, it is said that the delay took place because of the pandemic, as there has been some kind of production issues in Japan of this series. But you don’t have to be sad as with the delay it is expected to reveal some more characters and adventure in the upcoming season. So we can say that the wait is something worthing of. 


Rising Of the Shield Hero Season 3: Everything we know till Now

Rising of the shield hero season 3

Basically, Rising of the shield hero is a series based on a novel and Manga which is still ongoing. The novel of this amazing series got 22 volumes and Manga of the same got 18 Volumes. We have got a total of 25 episodes of the rising of the shield hero in the first season that covers the first 5 volumes of the novel and the first 45 chapters of the manga series. So it is probably clear to state that the second season will pick up the story from the 6th volume of the novel to the 12th volume or we can say that from 46 episodes of the manga series, So clearly there is enough source material we have left for some more further seasons of this anime. And hence, Both the seasons are officially announced. 

Rising of the Shield Hero: Plot and Cast

Rising of the shield hero plot and cast

There are a lot of new adventures you will be going to see in the upcoming series. Although, there will also be a change in the staff in the upcoming season. The director of the first season of the rising of the shield hero will be going to replaced by Masata Jinbo. You will see some new secrets about the waves and Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo will save the world altogether. 

There are some new challenges introduced and Naofumi and his friends have to face them all. The further story will follow up the storyline of the first season after the fight between Glass and Naofumi’s crew. It is also revealed that the new powers and villains will also be introduced. The number of episodes going to have in season 2 is still not confirmed but after looking at season one and the manga along with the novel, we can presume that they should be the same as the first season, a total of the same 25 episodes being divided into two courses.


Rising of the shield hero Trailer Out: Watch Now

So that is all we know about season 2 and season 3 so far. If any further news will be released or announced, we will update this blog and keep in touch and keep reading our blog for any further news and if still, you didn’t have watched the rising of the shield hero, so go am watch this fabulous dark adventure anime. We are sure that this anime will make you its fan in no time. So keep reading and Thanks.

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