My Dress Up Darling: Know Everything About It

my dress up darling

Is My Dress Up Darling Finished Airing?

My dress up darling also known as “The Bisque Doll That Fell in Love” is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Shinichi Fukuda that have been serialized in 2018. 

While talking about the continuation of this series then, the manga series of My dress Up darling is still ongoing containing a total of eight volumes released so far with the latest date of October 25th 2021. 

The first six volumes of the manga series already have English counterparts published under Square Enix Manga & Books while the other two are in progress. 

My dress up darling is a fabulous and recently most loved anime series and there is no doubt in this after booking fr its huge success in these past years. It has got:

  • 6th place in the “Comics category” in 2019, on the fourth edition of Tsugini kuru Manga Taisho.
  • 3rd place in Honya Club’s Nationwide Bookstore Employee’s Recommended Comics in the year 2020.

This fabulous manga series has created a unique and huge place in the hearts of millions of fans with its adaptation in the anime that breaks gender stereotypes in 2022.



My Dress Up darling: Things You Need To Know

My dress up darling is not a story that usually we can see and that’s the main reason behind its huge success. It is truly based on a modern story in which a boy named Gojo falls in love with a hina doll. And that is the thing that aspires him to be a hina doll’s craftsman while on the other hand, Marine is into lewd anime and video games. 

And this is the main point of the story to be considered which gives more emphasis on the fact that one’s preferences should not be based on some gender or anything. 

In this story, Marine and Gojo’s character preferences are not the ones that a person should expect. The story of this anime is modern and timely and encourages people to do whatever they want to without being in fear of being judged and humiliated by society and our near ones. 



Where To Watch My Dress Up darling? Is It Available On Netflix?

Initially My Dress Up Darling will be released on the Tokyo MX and other channels. You need to have access to these accounts to watch my dress up darling. But for the fans who don’t have access to these accounts may have to look for some other platforms to watch this series. 

But yet neither Netflix nor Crunchyroll has added this anime in their list but both the channels have not either denied to do so. So if you have access to these accounts then you have to wait until these channels add My Dress Up darling in their list.

But the fans who have access to Funimation can easily watch My Dress Up darling’s all episodes because Funimation has added this series in their library. 

Hulu subscribers also have to wait because this site is also with Netflix and Crunchyroll who have not added My dress Up darling yet in their channel’s library. 



My Dress Up darling: Do Gojo And Marin End Up Together?

At the very start, we can see in the series that both the characters Gojo and Marin don’t talk to each other but are relatable the same when we look towards their mental health and thinking regarding certain things. But when Marine found out that Gojo can make dresses and asked him to make one for her just after that things started changing in the series.

The first dress of Gojo was a huge success and after that, they both started meeting and talking to each other quite often and knew about each other’s likings and fantasy truly. And with both surprises, their thoughts match to the very end. 

But When we watch further episodes we realize that both of them started feeling for each other but one should have to be brave to admit feeling for the other. 

But when we talk about being together, there is not any official statement we have received regarding this but we think that they will be together in the end making a complete and unique couple. 

So that’s all we know about My Dress Up darling so far. If you have any questions regarding this manga series then feel free to ask us. We will try to resolve what is bothering you and will keep you updated with anime’s latest information through our blogs.


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