Fruit Basket Season 4: Release Date With Spinoff Details

fruit basket anime

Whenever a season ends, fans get eager to know if the upcoming season will release soon or not. And now it’s time to talk about the fruit basket. Fruit basket is a supernatural love story directed for the TV screen.  The last season of fruit basket, which is season 3, premiered on 6 April 2021.  After watching the third season, fans are eagerly waiting to see if fruit basket will get a 4th season or not. Fruit basket is a Japanese manga series directed and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. 


What is Fruit Basket all about?

The story of the Japanese manga series Fruit basket is all about the cursed spiritus and Tohru Honda. Who is a high school senior. She takes all the matter in her hands following a family tragedy and moves out. She moves out in a tent. But a few problems keep on chasing her as some members of Sohma clan own the lands where she set up her new home and made it difficult for her to leave there. And there is a lot more happening in the story which you can see when you watch it. 

fruit basket anime


Will there be a season 4 for Fruit Basket?

There are certain rumors we can see about the fourth season of fruit basket but it seems quite unlikely to happen. Because we all know that the title of it’s third season states on it’s own as Fruit basket: The Final Season. And on the other hand if we take a look at the manga series of fruit basket then we get to know that all the manga series material have been covered till the third season and this is also a reason behind only 13 episodes in the third season. On the other hand we will get to see a total of 25 episodes in both season one and season 2. So it will be better to expect the third season of Fruit basket as it’s the last season. 


Is there a spin off of season 4 of Fruit Basket?

Yes, besides the season 4 fans can expect a spin off for season 4 as a replacement.  Spin off series has been announced in 2021 and will be released sometime in 2022. We will get to see the story of Tohru’s parents in the upcoming series. And the title of this spin off series will be “Kyko To Katsuya No Monogatari.” It will highly focus on the story of Tohru’s parents. This news has been shared by the anime’s twitter account but it’s format has yet to be revealed. 

fruit basket anime


What will be the plot of fruit basket season 4?

We have already seen an end in Fruit basket season 3rd and it already had covered the whole manga series. So we would likely get a new story in the upcoming series if it was ever made. But if we talk about the spin off then, we will get to see the story of tohru’s parents. 

So if you have not watched the series yet then watch it now. And if you want to know more about the manga series or any anime then mail us and we will be here with another upcoming news in the world of anime for the anime fans.

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Is there any trailer for the spin off of fruit basket?

There is no Official trailer for the spinoff of Fruit Basket But the good news is that A movie is coming out. Here is the Trailer of the movie that you can watch here.


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