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dragon ball super hero movie

Dragon Ball Upcoming Movie Super: Release Date And What To Expect

Anime fans are increasing day by day and they get crazy when they hear about the announcement of their favourite upcoming anime movie. And hence there is another day of excitement because we got the news of the upcoming movie of dragon ball which is expected to be released soon. On May 9 2021, the dragon ball super community revealed that the upcoming movie named “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is in the works. The upcoming movie is going to be the 21st movie of the Dragon ball series.

The upcoming movie is about to release somewhere near the summer and most expectedly in May 2022. But no more information is released about the movie but yet the producer has stated a fact behind adding the name “Super” in the movie is that the movie is going to be about the whole superhero vibe. The movie is going to be the continuation of Dragon Ball Super: Broly which was released in 2018. The main focus of this movie was the Legendary Super Saiyan who fought with Goku and Vegeta.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero What’s New

The new upcoming movie of dragon ball will be going to be up to the expectation of their fans as they are employing new technology in the movie to offer their fans a new visual experience. The fans will also be going to see some new characters in the movie. There are new designs of Goku that have been designed for the new movie along with some new characters. 

The script and screenplay of the movie is written by the creator Akira Toriyama. We have received a bit of information about the characters and the scriptwriter but unfortunately, not much information has been released by the movie, we can assume that the creators want the film to be mysterious and well it always works well. Actually, we know that everyone likes mystery. A film full of mystery is mostly everyone’s first choice of course. 

The one and only hint we got about the movie is from the creator Toriyama, who has released a letter to the fans which include:

I shouldn’t talk too much about the plot yet but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining bouts, which may feature an unexpected character.

We’ll be charting through some unexplored territory in terms of visual aesthetics to give the audience an amazing ride, so I hope everybody will look forward to the new movie.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Cast And Characters

dragon ball super hero movie

The main thing to note is that the Toei animation studio is the one behind the animation of Dragon Ball Super” Super Movie as well as One Piece Movie: Red. This information is necessary to consider because the animation studio will look after the maximisation of profit and will release the movie accordingly. 

Now sync the information of both the movies, if one piece movie releases on August 6 2022 that means it will run till fall. That directly means that the dragon ball movie will not release the movie nearby because The Toei animation will not release both the movies at the same time. And hence, the announcement of Dragon ball super: the super movie has been made first, then it is expected that the movie will release somewhere in May or June 2022. 

When we closely look at the teaser released for the same movie, we can assume that Goku, Piccolo and Pan will be the main characters of the movie. While Vegeta has not been seen in the teaser, we can assume that Saiyan has made his entry in the movie at the same point.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: What Fans Thinks About It

The trailer of the upcoming movie has made the entire fanbase talk about it. Everyone started making their own assumptions about the movie, plot, cast and date. A lot of people think that the trailer scene is a cut scene from a video game that used CGI instead of a two-dimensional animation which seems to be common in anime. The teaser released for the movie is short but still the producer Hayashida encourages dragon ball fans to rewatch it in the panel by saying:

 “I won’t get into details today, but you’ll notice if you watch many times,” 

But we can still assume a lot of new things along with improvisation in story and graphics because this movie is going to be the first movie after the wait of three years. Fans have a lot of ex[ectations from the movie and it seems like the producer and creator will leave no chance for fans to complain about anything. But still, we have to wait till fall 2022 for the movie. But still, there is a question left in the end that is whether the movie will hit the American theatre in 2022 or not or if the release date only applies for the Japanese theatres. Hope we will get the answers soon. 

So that is all we know so far about the movie. We tried to mention all the information we have about the movie. Stay connected with us to get information about the upcoming anime and movies. Stay safe and healthy and keep reading our blog. And mention in the comment what you think about the movie and what are your assumptions regarding it. Thanks.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teaser Released Watch Here

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