DR Stone Season 3: Release Date, Plot & Cast

Dr stone season 3

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

Dr stone season 2

Dr Stone is a japanese anime series based on science. If you are a science lover and mostly love chemistry then this series is for you. As it will be easy for science students to understand those scientific terms. First season of Dr. Stone aired from july 5 2019 to december 13 2019. It is basically a two core anime and it’s first season comprises a total of 24 episodes. And the second season of Dr Stone the stone wars finished airing on March 25 2021 which consists of a total of 11 episodes. The only thing that fans want when their favourite anime ends is the news of next season and that’s the thing of which producers focused the most.

Before airing tha last episode of Dr stone, The TMS animation and producers have officially announced that soon the third season of Dr. stone will premiere. And along with this announcement an official trailer has also been released and it is expected to release in mid 2022. 

Production of this season is taking a bit much time, but isn’t it obvious to tak more time in producing an anime that has been considered as one of the most popular anime shows of recent years.And is the most watched anime on netflix. So producers are more likely to maintain that position. But after some past theories as we know that the second season has a total of 11 episodes and takes 13 months to release after season 1 and if we presume that the third season will also consist of 2 cores, then still the third season will not take more than 2 years to complete its development. Hence, still no date and the name of the 3rd season has been confirmed.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Plot, Cast and Story

Dr stone, plot and cast

As indicated by the teaser of season 3, we can presume that the new season will begin by adapting the new age of exploration arc. Means we will be having some new adventure stories in the new season. We have seen some new characters in season 2 but we are more likely to see some more in 3rd season too. 

It is not wrong if we say that the new event will begin with the third season. In the 3rd season, the stone war may end but the new arc of exploration will begin. As we know, anime never fails to stand up to our expectations. Everytime we expect something, they will provide us with some more extraordinary story that blows our mind. So be ready for such a thrill in the new season too.

Dr. Stone’s new season may also take a new name consisting of exploration just like season 2. You can watch Dr Stone at some official sites like crunchyroll but for whom, who don’t have any subscription can also watch this anime on some unofficial sites such as 9anime and animepahe.

How Many Seasons can Dr Stone Anime Series have?

Seasons of DR Stone

Dr Stone is a manga series written by Richio Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The manga series of this anime has already reached a total of 20 volumes. And In the first and second season of Anime a total of 83 chapters were adapted from the manga and which coincides with the middle of the 10th volume. 

So in conclusion, we have enough source material in which we can see two more seasons of the manga series and in context, the manga is still going so it is possible that we may see more seasons of this fabulous series Dr Stone.

Dr. Stone season 3 Trailer

So This is all we have with the information of Dr Stone Season 3. If any new updates about the story will be released we will surely inform you through our blog. Till then enjoy watching Your favourite anime and keep reading about them. Forget not to comment down on your favourite character from the series. 

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