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attck on titan

Story of Attack on Titan anime

A little bit of catching up to the attack on titan’s story, so let’s set the scene: humanity lives in fear from the constant threat of Titans giant humanoid creatures that eat humans.

The people of this land live behind the structure of three walls keeping the monsters out but the humans locked inside neat and tidy dystopia here we meet our main character Eren Yeager and his friend Mikasa Ackerman who was saved by him, after some character intros like Armin arlert for the audience, the chaos begins in the shingeki no kyojin anime.

A very big titan named Colossal Titan makes a big hole in the wall allowing other Titans to rush into the residential district. Many are killed including Aaron’s mother, Erin does what any sensible 10 years old would do and makes an oath of vengeance against all the titans. He also has this weird dream where his dad Grisha Yeager gives him a syringe and a key to the basement.

To take revenge of his mother Eren and Mikasa joined trailing roles in cadet training and so the tail really kicks off so who’s in the military First off their cadet’s entry-level they divide up into three other factions the scouts.

titan eren

They try to kill the Titans so far it’s not going well then there’s the military police watch they get to live safe in the innermost wall finally there are the Garrison protectors of the wall and civilians the first line of defense the three heroes make friends have failures and successes and learn valuable life lessons and training and suddenly it’s been three years they graduate good for them full-fledged defenders of the city.

Then the colossal Titan returns that’s trying to hold off the giant foe and Aaron gets eaten things look grim until a mysterious Titan suddenly appears to help the soldiers to be surprised it’s Eren Yeager.

After all of this, the character develops at a slow pace while discovering many grounds broken facts about the truth of the titans and inner politics related to the breach of the titans into the town.

Main Characters of attack on titan

eren yeager

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main character of this series who lost his mother to a titan and then decided to kill all the titans in the world by joining Survey Corps which is an army of peoples who fight and kill titans who invade their towns and cities.

Eren is a bit of an emotional guy who doesn’t want to kill any innocent person and feels bad about the deaths of his friends. We can say that he is a cry baby but his character developed a lot throughout the series.

After joining the survey corps Eren gave an average performance and then one day he was eaten by a titan while fighting with his co friends but to be a miracle he was safe and gained the ability to transform into a titan whenever he feels any danger.

So after gaining this power he decides to use this power to get back his districts from the titans and to help the survey corps to fight the colloquial titan and the armored titan.


Personal Information of Eren Yeager

Species:- Human, Intelligent Titan


Age:- 15  After time skip:-19

Height in human form:- 170 cm After time skip:-183 cm

Height in titan form:- 4 m (Pure Titan form), 15 m (Attack Titan form)

Weight:-63 kg, 82 kg

Birthday:- March 30th

Birthplace:-Shiganshina District


Mikasa Ackermann


Mikasa Ackermann is the second most main character in attack on titan anime. She was saved by the main character who is eren Yeager when her parents were killed by human traffickers.

She was an innocent shy girl who didn’t like to talk so much but as she matures she joined the survey corps with eren and became one of the best officers in the survey corps army.

After eren became a titan she supports him in his all decisions and gave him the best advice when he needed it most. And she also says that eren gives her the support when she needed it most to buid=ld her confidence.


Personal Information


Age:- 15 , After time skip:- 19, 22

Height:- 170 cm, After the time skip:- 176 cm

Weight:- 68 , 70 kg

Birthday:- February 10th

Birthplace:- Shiganshina District Outskirts


Levi Ackermann

levi Ackermann

Levi is the third main character of the series. He is known as the greatest savior of the humans inside the walls because of his titan killing skills. He has been the trust of all peoples as they all know that there is no titan in the world that Levi cant kill, same he proved by killing the giant monkey titan who underestimated him. 

He does not like to kill the titans but he does as to save all the innocent lives living inside the walls. Levi is just a remarkable personality that we can’t forget. He is an expert in 3d maneuver gear and he can change his direction of attack very quickly that gives him an upper hand on the titans.

When the main character eren transformed into a titan he is the only person who takes the responsibility to take care of him, and he is also the only person capable to stop him. He is also a clean freak, he wants everything neat and clean. We can see this side of Levi in the first season when eren cleans all the rooms they are living in.


Personal Information

Gender:- Male

Age:- Early 30s, Late 30s

Height:- 160 cm

Weight:- 65 kg

Birthday:- December 25th

Birthplace:- Underground


Armin Arlert

armin arlert

Armin is a childhood friend of eren and Mikasa, he lost his parents when he was just a child. When eren and Mikasa joined the survey corps he also joined in with them but he is not a good soldier as he is short in height and doest have any physical ability.

But we can’t say that he is just nothing and just a normal character. He has the most intelligent mind in the walls and when his thinking and planning are joined with hange they are the most intelligent team. After the battle of Shiganshina District, Armin took the power of the colossal Titans from Bertolt Hoover. 

He is also the best friend of eren and gives him the best advice when he needs it the most.  Since we know that eren is just dumb and didn’t know how to plan that where Armin and Mikasa support him.


Personal Information

Species:-Human, Intelligent Titan



Height:-163, 169, 60 m (Colossus Titan form)

Weight:-55 kg, 56 kg

Birthday:-November 3rd

Birthplace:- Shiganshina District

Attack on Titan is an  Action; ‎Dark fantasy‎; ‎Post-apocalyptic‎; genre anime. Since last year this anime is getting popular because of its storyline and animation.

According to some surveys, it is concluded that almost 1.341 million people watched this anime all over the world. But that doesn’t include viewers of Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.‎

If you are an anime fan and thinking about watching this anime then you must watch this anime. it has the most critical and suspenseful storyline. if you want to watch this anime then you can watch this anime on these unofficial websites.



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