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‘Bleach’s’ Thousand-Year Blood War Arc! Should We Expect Any Season?

If you are a true anime fan then it is obvious for you to get curious about this upcoming anime. As well you will also get to know about the fact that Bleach is considered as one of the best “Big Three ” shonen anime of the anime world along with Naruto and One Piece. And hence there is no wonder about the fact that it has a huge fanbase who are eagerly waiting for its upcoming season. And it’s fans are eagerly waiting for shonen to announce the new season of this anime as soon as possible.

But before going for its next season let me recall some facts about Bleach to the new fans. The manga of Bleach series started back in 2001 and then ended in 2016 after its last adaptation in series in 2014. And it’s a series adaptation in animation started in 2004. All this time duration consumes a total of 366 episodes along with four films and two OVAs. 

But the final arc of the manga series consisting of volumes 55 to 74 has not been adapted in the animation series yet because the animation of bleach ended in 2014 and its manga ended in 2016. But now all your worries and waitings are going to end this year because the announcement of the upcoming season for bleach has been announced.


‘Bleach’s’ Thousand-Year Blood War Arc- When Is It Coming?

Finally, your favourite anime Bleach is coming after the most awaited seven years. It’s Announcement took place in March 2020, on its 20th Anniversary. The New season will adapt The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc , which is also known as the Quincy War arc in the manga series. 

While talking about it’s release date, it will begin airing in October 2022. All the fans of Bleach get dissatisfied with the end of their favourite animation series for many years but this news of the resumption of their favourite anime comes up with a piece of refreshing and surprising news. 


All we know about The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc And Where To Watch

The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc which is also known as the Quincy War arc of Bleach’s manga series will show an all-out war between the Soul Society and the Quincy. In this Quincy were thought to be all wiped out by the shinigami over a thousand years ago to prevent their world from being collapsed. But this time for sure Ichigo Kugisaki and the rest of his crew will be back to finish the fight properly. In this arc, Ichigo will do his best to save the world. 

Along with its adaptation and confirmation, The company who produce this anime have gained worldwide rights to the animation except for Asia. It’s upcoming season will first air on Japanese television in October 2022. And they will release it westward accordingly. VIZ Media has not confirmed when it’s new episodes will be available to watch but for now, all the 15 seasons of this animation series bleach are available on Crunchyroll and animepahe. 


‘Bleach’s’ Thousand-Year Blood War Arc What Trailer Expresses

While watching the trailer, not much has been revealed in it but It’s sure that it is the last arc of this anime series. In this Last ARC of Bleach, there will be lots of action and suspense with an end. As we can see in this trailer that all the main characters are present with their lots of action but we can’t say about the storyline through this trailer we can only assume it by the last Arc.

But 1 thing that I can surely tell you is that the animation quality is awesome in this trailer so you can expect a great animation with lots of action in it. You will enjoy this last season of bleach.

At last, we all witness the end of an amazing anime in history along with hunter x hunter, naruto and fairy tail. The Legendary one piece and Dragon ball Z are still there for us to entertain us for some time period. Let us all say goodbye to bleach with our warm wishes by watching it to its very end.


Watch ‘Bleach’s’ Thousand-Year Blood War Arc Official Trailer

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