Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Miniseries: Premiere Date Set On October 2022

Uzumaki is a dark fantasy, supernatural and horror manga japanese anime and manga series. Uzumaki has appeared in weekly magazine ‘Big Comic Spirits’ from August 1998 to September 1999.

In English Uzumaki means “Spiral”. Uzumaki is basically the japanese anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name. Uzumaki is basically illustrated and written by  famous Japanese author Junji Ito.

Uzumaki is initially compiled into 3 volumes. Initially Uzumaki anime adaptation was set to be released in 2020 and was announced in 2019 about the same.

But unfortunately due to covid 19 it’s release date has been postponed for further dates. Postponement of release is due to delay in production of the anime which has given its team a major setback.

But now we have the confirmed news of it being released in October 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for its anime adaptation. They will have to wait for a whole year but this amazing and fabulous anime series is worth waiting for. Fans have high hopes and expectations from the uzumaki because it’s manga series is very popular among fans. 



What Will We Go To See In Uzumaki Anime Adaptation?

Anime adaptation of Uzumaki has been going to be directed and illustrated from manga to anime by director Hiroshi Nagahama by collaborating with cable network Adult Swim. And the music of uzumaki will be composed by Colin Stetson. 

As suggested in the title name, this series is going to be a mini-series containing only 4 episodes in total. It is also revealed by the Director Hiroshi Nagahama that the Uzumaki anime series is going to be a black and white anime series which is quite uncommon these days. This move of letting the anime series in black and white adaptation is to bring its closeness to its manga series.

We will definitely be going to see a great and larger product worth waiting for. And which is also a main reason behind its delay.  As fans will be going to see an amazing and fabulous thrilling anime.

Kirie Goshima will be voiced by Uki Satake  in the anime and Shinichiro Miki will be going to voice for Shuichi Saito. And no further details about the anime adaptation of Uzumaki have been released. But we will definitely get to have a few details shortly.



Who are The Characters In Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Miniseries?

The story of uzumaki is very contained, specific and focused. It is mainly focused on only a few characters which will be quite obvious as it will contain only a total of four episodes. But still we have so much to discuss about its few yet main characters who will blow your mind by their character play and role segments.

At the center of this amazing anime story, there are two characters named Kirie Goshima (Uki Satake) and Shuichi Saito (Shinichiro Miki). These two are the pair of two average characters who started struggling with some strange, spiral-themed curses that befall their small town named Kurouzu-cho.As the main protagonist of the story, these two fill in as guides down the winding and frightening way that is “Uzumaki.”

In any case, these two would not be anything on the off chance that they didn’t have different characters to play off of. Kurouzu-cho brings substantially more to the table than only two understudies.

From Kirie’s dad (Toshio Furukawa), to Shuichi’s folks (Takashi Matsuyama and Mika Doi as mother and father, individually), and some more, “Uzumaki” brings a profound plunge into the repulsions that happen to this little Japanese town.



Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Miniseries: What Will Be Its Story?

The anime adaptation Uzumaki will follow the same storyline as stated in the manga of the same series. The anime will mainly focus on the series of strange events going to take place in the small japanese town named Kurouzo-cho.

And at the same time, the main characters of the series that are two average high school students named Kirie and Shuichi, will become acutely aware of the spiral-theme curse.

As the story continues they will become aware that town people of Kurouzo-cho starts becoming increasingly focused on spirals and as the time passes on furthermore, they even start suffering with the effects of the curses themselves.

The frightfulness and the thrill of this situation come from the battle between normal individuals and powerful and supernatural forces that appear outside their ability to control.

The twisting condemnation of Kurouzo-Cho is totally puzzling and mysterious, and the dread becomes tangible as watchers will observe the saint’s attempt to sort out something which they can’t understand truly.

Sadly, regardless of whether these two endure the revile and get away from impacts, an inquiry will stay unanswered until “Uzumaki” releases in October.


About The Uzumaki Film

Do you all know that the manga Uzumaki was first adapted into film in late February 2000. Uzumaki the film was basically directed by Higuchinsky and starred Eriko Hatsune, Fhi Fan, Hinako Saeki, Ren Osugi, and Shin Eun-Kyung. Uzumaki The film was then backed by a video game and production company in Japan named Omega Micott. 

Most people don’t know about the film because of the fact that it has been restricted and released only to Japan and San Francisco in the United States of America. You can also watch this film if you want to on amazon prime Video with English subtitles. While talking about it’s reviews, it has gained mixed reviews from critics. 

While Talking about other essential things of the film, Takao Niita has given the screenplay for the film, while the production credits goes to Sumiji Miyake. For it’s music, we will have to give hands of applause to Keichi Suzuki and Tetsuro Kashibuchi and happy credits to Gen Kobayashi for cinematography.

Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Miniseries; latest Teaser Here

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